Remissio Gallery June 2023

20 Years of Drawing London

Drawing London Group

at St George the Martyr

44 Queen Square Holborn, WC1N 3AH, GB.

Sunday 4th June  – Thursday 29th June

Viewing times:

The exhibition is open four days a week. From 10-2 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and on Sunday 9:30- 10:30 and 12-1:30. Please note that there are services from 13:10-13:40 on Wednesday and 10:30-11:30 on Sunday. Viewing the exhibition during the services is not a problem, but please remain quiet and respectful whilst the services are on.


Wednesday 14 June 7-9pm – a 20 minute Illustrated talk introducing Drawing London during St George’s Social Evening. All welcome. The Church does not have a license but you are welcome to bring your own drink

The Drawing London Group

The Drawing London Group are artist friends keen to explore the vibrant life and colour of London. We meet every month to sketch and paint in familiar and lesser-known areas of London such as the Globe Theatre, Lambeth Palace, Camley Street Natural Park Blackheath in October and Borough Market.

In this exhibition, we will be showing London Life depicted in a wide variety of media including ink, watercolour, etching, oil, pencil, pastel and collage.

Our poster

Catalogue of pictures and prices

Drawing London at Remission Gallery June 2023

Catalogue of images of the work displayed in this exhibition

Roll the cursor over the thumbnail images below to see the title and click on one to see an enlarged version.

Bil Aldridge

John Crane

Jean Dollimore

Jenny Furey

Andrew Horrod

Steve Lockett

Kathleen Morrison

Marcus Oliver

Jessica Saraga

Carol Savage

Sue Smith

Marion Wilcocks