Steve Lockett

SUBJECTS Urban landscape, forms in nature, abstract

MEDIA Pencil, charcoal, pastel, colour pencils, watercolour and acrylic

Steve Lockett’s work

After a career teaching Computing, Mathematics and Science in Further Education, and attending many Adult Ed. Art evening classes, Steve continued his love of art when he retired by attending drawing and painting classes at City Lit. and also the Slade Summer School.

Steve enjoys creating abstract work in the studio and is excited by the effects of randomness and chaos in the natural world and likes to incorporate these elements into his work, responding to ‘happy accidents’ along the way in developing the work. When out with the Drawing London group he enjoys the challenges of plein air drawing and painting in the many fascinating London locations, selected by a different member each month.

Steve is a enthusiastic volunteer in the arts sector – he is a guide at Tate Modern, a steward at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and maintains a database of artists for the National Portrait Gallery.