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Wendy Winfield in Pen and Ink

Nicky Sherrott writes:

Just thought to mention that some lovely examples of Wendy’s work appear in the recently published “Pen and Ink, contemporary artists, timeless techniques”, by James Hobbs: a compilation, in A5 format, of works by 35 artists, showing different styles, plus some text about each work. Well laid out – a pleasure and a help. Bravo, Wendy! One of her works was, I think, done on a Drawing London day out in Greenwich.

Meetings 2016

This page is for images of drawings and paintings made by the members of our group at each of our meeting places during the year 2016. Roll your mouse over the thumbnail images to find out the month, location and author of each one. Or click on an image to see an enlargement.

Linda Mallett joined us this year.

Meetings 2015

Teddington Lock
June; Teddington Lock (Sue Smith)
Sept: Paddock Allotments (Marion Wilcox)
Aug: Paddock Allotments (Marion Wilcox)
August 2015: Paddock Allotments ( Andrew Horrod)

Shelby Dawbarn

SUBJECTS  architecture, portraits

MEDIA  pencil, pen and wash, water colour

Shelby Dawbarns’s work

Shelby Dawbarn spent two years at the Bartlett School of Architecture and two at the Liverpool School of Art.  After a long gap she began again in the 80s at Islington Art Classes, Mary Ward Queen Square and the Prince’s Drawing Studios, all in London.  She has exhibited with the Islington Art Society, North One Artists, Mary Ward and the Society of Graphic Fine Art, where she is a committee member.  Architectural subjects and portraits are her chief interests, and watercolour her preferred medium.

Meetings 2014

Steve Locket and Sue Smith joined us this year


Meetings 2013

We met every month and Andrew Horrod joined us this year

Meetings 2012

Chris Great  and Stuart Stanley joined the group in 2012.

Meetings 2011

Clare Weatherall joined the group in 2011

Meetings 2010

John Crane joined the group in 2010.

Meetings 2009

During the year, we met at the locations shown below. Katherine Tyrrell joined the group in February; Avril Walker and Soso Walker joined in June; and Charlotte Fawley and Wendy Winfield joined in August.

Meetings 2008

During 2008, the group met from January to November and were joined by Valerie Gold in August; Judy Hillman and Marcus Oliver in September.

Meetings 2007

During 2007, the group met from January to November and were joined by Jean Dollimore in January and Jessica Saraga in February.

Meetings 2006

The group met each month from January to November, Les Williams joined them late in the year. We haven’t yet found images for February and October.