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Meetings 2012

Chris Great  and Stuart Stanley joined the group in 2012.

Meetings 2011

Clare Weatherall joined the group in 2011

Meetings 2010

John Crane joined the group in 2010.

Meetings 2009

During the year, we met at the locations shown below. Katherine Tyrrell joined the group in February; Avril Walker and Soso Walker joined in June; and Charlotte Fawley and Wendy Winfield joined in August.

Meetings 2008

During 2008, the group met from January to November and were joined by Valerie Gold in August; Judy Hillman and Marcus Oliver in September.

Meetings 2007

During 2007, the group met from January to November and were joined by Jean Dollimore in January and Jessica Saraga in February.

Meetings 2006

The group met each month from January to November, Les Williams joined them late in the year. We haven’t yet found images for February and October.

Footstool Gallery 2005

Drawing London at the Footstools Gallery at St Johns Smith Square from 28 February to 1 April 2005.

 Click to download the List Of Exhibits Footstool

Photographs of the Private View

Meetings 2005

The group met from January to October and Nicky Sherrot joined them some time during the year.

Meetings 2004

The group continued to meet each month during (except for April which was cancelled). Anne Usborne joined them early in 2004.

Meetings 2003

The founding members,  Bill Aldridge, Shelby Dawbarn, Ivor Kamlish and Marion Wilcocks met from May to November. They were sometimes joined by Martin Shortis. Alan Turner and Lucy Wynne joined the group during the summer.